Below are a list of frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that’s not answered here feel free to contact me (Zac) via the contact form or email me directly over at- [email protected]

Are orders posted domestically from with-in Australia?

Yes, all orders are posted from with-in Australia via Australian domestic post.

This means ordering is much more secure (as orders do not need to clear customs) & delivery is much quicker as opposed to ordering from international suppliers.

How long does delivery take?

Orders typically land with-in 1 week to most locations.

However Aus Post delays do happen from time to time, especially around peak times (Christmas, Black Friday etc) & when there are COVID related network impacts. Due to this I would factor up to 3 weeks for an order to land to be on the safe side.

Do you provide tracking?

For OPSEC reasons I don’t share or review tracking unless it’s gone 3 weeks without landing. This is to ensure the security of my operation.

If your order has gone 3 weeks without landing email me (Zac) and I will review- [email protected]

Why is payment in Bitcoin? Can I use Credit Card / PayPal / Bank Transfer?

Due to the nature of the items I sell traditional forms of online payment (Credit Card / PayPal / Bank Transfer) can’t be used.

These payment platforms/methods do not take kindly to being used to purchased PED’s & Pharma medication.

This is why I only can accept Bitcoin, which is the norm with online stores such as mine nowadays. It’s the safest payment method to ensure we transact anonymously and all parties remain safe/secure.

How to I pay with Bitcoin?

When you place an order on the site (auspharmacy.is) and you reach the checkout it will give you a unique BTC wallet address, as well the amount in BTC you need to send to that address to pay for the order.

From there use a BTC platform such as Coinspot to have the BTC amount deposited into that wallet. The 1st time using a platform you will need to register and provide ID. Do not let this discourage you as we’re using a payment service which cleanses all BTC received, thus making it untraceable past this point.

Also when sending BTC there are 2 golden rules-

1- Request the amount in BTC not AUD. Exchanges will differ in their rates so to ensure payment is completed in full request the amount in BTC.

2- Make sure you don’t need to account for any fee’s. Many platforms will charge you a transaction fee every time you send BTC. They’re tricky here as most will take that fee out of the amount you are sending, thus resulting with a partially paid order. For example if the transfer fee is .0005 BTC you will need to add this amount to your order total when sending the BTC to the order wallet.

Once we receive the BTC you will receive a system generated email confirming the order and then another email once I’ve posted it out. Easy peasy!

Do you provide advice / guidance / recommendations?

I have a lifetime of knowledge and experience & I get personal satisfaction from helping others along in their journey. There’s plenty of miss-information out there so I’m happy to provide free guidance to anyone who asks. We’re all in this to improve ourselves, let do this as smartly and as safely as possible!

If you”d like some advice please get in contact with me (Zac) via my contact form or email me over at- [email protected]

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