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Letrozole 2.5mg x 30 Tablets


Letrozole 2.5mg x 30 Tablets


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Letrozole 2.5mg x 30 Tablets

Letrozole is an AI, which holds the purpose of blocking the aromatase enzyme, which is in turn responsible for the production of estrogen. By inhibiting estrogen production, this lowers total serum estrogen levels in the body. This will be useful to the breast cancer patient on the basis of such cancer often feeding off the estrogen hormone. It will be beneficial to the anabolic steroid user as excess estrogen often leads to some of the most commonly associated side effects of anabolic steroid use.

Letrozole also carries the ability to increase natural testosterone production through an increase in Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). There have been physicians who have chosen Letro as it’s often known to treat low testosterone conditions, but this is normally not the preferred method of treatment. Without question, when it comes to low testosterone treatment exogenous testosterone is generally the only thing that makes sense. However, Letrozole can be useful in such a plan in conjunction with exogenous testosterone in order to combat possible side effects. We will look into this in the effects section.

Active Life- 2 days

Recommended Administration- 1.25mg to 2.5mg daily


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