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Sci-Pharma Super Test 400mg/ml (10ml)


Sci-Pharma Super Test 400mg/ml (10ml)


Blend of 300mg/ml Enanthate & 100mg/ml Propionate


Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Carrier / 2% BA / 20% BB


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*Disclaimer- Higher concentration mixes inherently result in increased post injection pain (PIP). If you are more prone to PIP it’s recommend you run Test E 250mg/ml in place of Super Test.

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Sci-Pharma Super Test 400mg/ml (10ml)

Super Test (also referred to T400) is a Testosterone blend of 300mg/ml Enanthate & 100mg/ml Propionate. This blend allows for quicker blood saturation levels as well as a convenient concentration that allows less actual volume to be injected. First time users be aware that higher concentration mixes (such as T400) are more likely to cause some PIP at the injections point. If you’re looking for a Testosterone base to run I recommend you run Testosterone E found HERE

Derivative- Testosterone

Aromitization- Yes

Half Life- 15 days

Recommended Administration- Every 2 to 3 days

Starting Dosage-

  • Males- 500mg per week (125mg per week for TRT)


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